In 2014 Scott was tasked with coming up with just one special thing for his wedding. Being the computer geek he was(is?) he decided that he didn't like any of the Photo Montages out there. They're all too "static" and repetitive. He asked the DJ just to bring 2 screens and he'd do the rest.

All the way up to the wedding day, the DJ kept asking for information about what he was doing, if there was an issue and he'd need to do his Photo Montage. During setup, Scott showed up the same time as the DJ in his tux, and spent a few minutes taping this tiny box and camera to the TVs and connecting 3 wires. All of a sudden it pop'd to life.

People quickly noticed it wasn't the same type of Photo Montage they'd seend before. Everyone thought he was controlling it from a tablet on the sweetheart table until he pointed out Acrylic Tabletop Displayettes with how they could add their own. The EPCaster was handling it all itself.

He soon realized that other people deserved to have the same experience, and Eventful Pictures, LLC. was born.

Mission & Vision

To be the number one provider of Interactive Photo Montages by providing the highest quality products and services with high customer satisfaction.

We will challenge our skills and abilities, and create an Interactive Photo Montage service that's dependable, requires no interaction, and allows event guests to submit their pictures in a multitude of ways both quickly and effortlessly.

about epcaster

Meet Our Staff

These are just some of the people involved in bringing everything together for your event!


Scott Ellentuch

Chief Technician

Scott (Or as he rather be known, Tuc) has been involved in computers one way or the other for over 35 years. He brought this passion to his own wedding, which he wanted something "different" for the Photo Montage.

Ramola Poonai

Ramola N. Poonai

This & That Officer

Ramola takes care of all the rest, from customer outreach to slideshow design advise to customer support. She likes nothing better that talking to our clients and telling them all that Eventful Pictures can do for them.