The heart of what we offer, the EPCaster itself. One micro-usb charger cord (Like for phones) for power and an HDMI connection to it and the TV/projector, and thats what it takes to start showing your Interactive Photo Montage. We always ship 1 spare at no charge.


We include a 10ft high grade (Gold Connectors, Protective Braided Jacket) for every EPCaster that we ship. One end simply goes to the EPCaster, the other into your TV/projector.

Nothing will work without a high quality (Tangle free Nylon Braided) MicroUSB cable. It's also 10ft giving you the flexibility of where you put your EPCaster. MicroUSB side to the EPCaster (Like plugging a phone in) and the USB side into our charger.


Compact wall plug for powering the EPCaster. Provides the right voltage and amperage to have the EPCaster run at maximum efficiency. Please be aware it plugs in to a standard outlet or power strip and hangs down/up.

To help weather the toughest shipping carriers, we send it in a tough case. All items ready for use, protected by heavy duty foam. When done, pack it back up, use the supplied label, and drop off at the carrier for immediate shipping back!


(Option) Add a TV mountable camera with a 2ft cable to have pictures automatically taken! This will allow for a unique view of your event. Just mount on the TV, point at the room, and enjoy its pictures.

(Optional) While our emergency access functions can be accessed by any WiFi capable phone/tablet, you can use this in place, or as an emergency backup to the WiFi access for EPCaster at venues with poor or non-existant WiFi. (Subject to Verizon cellphone coverage). Can also be used to give us emergency access to the EPCaster should there be an issue at the venue. Isn't your piece of mind worth it?


(Optional) Want more than just your guests in the room to see whats happening? Live Stream your event on YouTube! (Can not be used with Camera option above).

Need more time with your EPCaster and accessories? For a small daily charge you can keep it up to an additional 6 days.

Text Number

Want to give people another text number in the US or Canada? Add up to 4 more for a monthly charge per number.

Want to give people another somewhere else in the world? Contact us for monthly pricing (depends on location and availability).

International Text Number

Want a vanity email address? You can add as many as you want for a low monthly price.

Don't want to worry about anything at all.. Venue WiFi, TV/projectors, plugging in EPCaster, pointing cameras, etc? With our customized White Glove service, we'll give you one total price to bring in exactly what you want, set it up, monitor it during the event, pack it up and leave giving you more time to enjoy your event!

White Glove

We'll set up and co-ordinate your YouTube live stream!